WBN the Industrial B2B Social Network, bases in Miami Florida US, offers in few clicks, to find the right industrial partner, growing fast, in the most competitive markets. For twenthie century industries was obligatory to exhibit at fairs to find new distributors and customers, expending minimum twenty twousand American dollars per each exhibition. WBN offers to create your own Global Distribution Network from your office and facilities... We are the biggest trade show in the world… and never closes

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WHY TO USE WBN B2B MARKETPLACE? There are several reasons to use WBN industrial Network, our platform was designed and created to offer a real opportunity to be connected, to use the last technology, having a direct B2B approach and customized business solution for every company in the world.


The world industrial business choose us because we provide the best and easy way to connect with the industrial manufacturing companies, distributors, buyers and export business players of the global market.


At WBN we use the lastest leading technology to deliver unmatched export/import tools and services to the market, reaching the best value in the global industry.


Over last years our industrial approach to business to business has helped us to transform our small engineering company to one of the leaders providing B2B solutions helping, democratically, the world distributors, buyers, suppliers and manufacturers to establish and develop a great business relationship.


Our engineering team has designed a customized network of websites to re-create industrial market needs to have the perfect online trade show for everyone, easy to use, easy to connect with the global import, export, manufacturing and distribution market.


WBN has defined 25 B2B regional web marketplace to support the industrial manufacturers, buyers, vendors and wholesale distributors of China, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Africa, Egypt, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, United States of America, Miami, Texas, California, Atlanta, New York, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Peru, just click in the following countries logos and enjoy your Business:



FOR INFO AND CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL: ITALY +39.333.6371.644 USA +1.305.833.5700

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